Hair Removal in Vancouver

List of Laser Clinics

Arbutus Laser

  • I’ve been going here for several months
  • Julie is excellent, most enthusiastic laser technician I’ve even met.
  • Julie works very quickly and professionally, sessions are over very fast, there is pain but she goes at a rhythm that I really like.
  • I’ve been getting treatment from Linda as well. She is also excellent. She also goes quickly. Her rhythm is a little bit harder for me to get used to but it’s still very fast and professional.
  • This clinic does “free retouches”. 1 week after each session you go back in and they go over your chin and upper lip one more time with the laser, for free. It takes about 5 minutes, and they claim that it hits the extra thick hairs extra hard. They care a lot about their results.

List of Electrologists

Clarico Electrolysis, formerly Current Electrolysis (Kelsey Jacobsen)

Precision Electrolysis (Julie)q

  • Positive sentiment on Reddit (1 person)
  • Recommended by my laser tech
  • Email: -> emailed 2023-07-13!
  • Call: 604-669-3324

Angelina’s Electrolysis

  • Positive sentiment on Reddit (>1 person)

Jade’s Electrolysis

Helen’s Electrolysis

  • Negative sentiment on Reddit 🙁

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